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04/12/2022 Home Movie Transfer

They did an amazing job with my cassette tapes. Sound quality is stellar. Reasonably priced. Pretty quick turn around. They are also friendly, kind, and I WILL BE DOING MORE ??

- Mike Henson from Indianapolis

03/29/2021 Home Movie Transfer

Mike at Home Video Studio South transferred all of our old 8mm, VHS, and tapes/cartridges to DVDs and files on a flash drive. He is passionate about his work and does a high quality job. Unlike the mail-order places I saw online, I was able to trust Mike with our family movies! He was able to save a part of our family heritage to pass down. We love having the old movies on a flash drive which is easily shareable and easy to watch on a TV or other device. The quality of the work is great; he even added music to the 8mm movies which adds a new dynamic. We highly recommend working with him!

- Amber Hiscock from Indianapolis

09/17/2019 Home Movie Transfer

Wonderful help from Mike. Was able to furnish copies of funeral video which could be viewed on my tv instead of only on computer. Also made photos from old plastic souvenir viewers - priceless to me. Fair prices and so pleasant to work with. Thank you.

- Thelma Harkness-Thompson from Indianapolis

12/27/2018 Video to DVD

Our entire family is very pleased with the quality of your work. Several generations were present to view the 30yr old footage. Your prices are extremely fair - service and professionalism was top notch. I have made a point to refer your company and services to all my family and friends explaining they would never have any fears trusting you with the valuable family photos / videos. Thanks again for a job well done....

- Danny Davis from Indianapolis

01/07/2016 Duplications

I trusted Home Video to make a DVD copy with my only copy of my adoption story, and what a beautiful job they did! I am impressed with the copy and will be a return customer!

- Beth from Whiteland

12/28/2015 Video Services

Wonderful job on my videotapes to DVD! Thank you Home Video Studio Greenwood

- Ann from Greenwood

09/28/2015 Video to DVD

I recently had camcorder video transferred to DVD and I was extremely pleased with the results! Great quality and nice packaging. I have several more to transfer and have no reason to go anywhere else. My Dad had extremely old 8 and 16mm that he had transferred and those turned out very well despite the original condition they were in. Thank you Home Video Studio for helping maintain all our precious memories!

- Suzanne from Greenwood

09/28/2015 Video to DVD

I had old VHS family movies put onto DVD, and also some Audio Cassettes put onto CD. Both the DVD's and CD's came out great and the program is easy to run. So glad to know the service is here, located conveniently in Greenwood, as I have found more that I will have copied. Thanks!

- Karen from Greenwood

09/28/2015 Video to DVD

Thank you for keeping the memories alive. I had VHS tapes that my Dad had transferred 8mm movies to that dated back to the 50's. They came back looking great!

- Linda from Greenwood

09/28/2015 Video to DVD

Thank you home video studio for making my home videos easily accessible and able to be cherished on DVD for years to come. It is so convenient to have the scene selection capability, the labeling on each DVD and such a nice, organized case to store the DVDs. It was such a pleasure working with you and I will definitely choose home video studio for all of my future project needs!

- Linda from Greenwood

09/27/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I had my home movies transferred at Home Video Studio and could not have been more pleased with the entire process. They came out beautiful, the price was excellent and Bruce and Casey were a real pleasure to work with. I now have my family memories safe and secure for the rest of my life and my children and grandchildren's lives. Thanks you very, very much.

- Shirley Butz from Greenwood

09/06/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I could have chosen more than one category! It was wonderful to have you help me with VHS tapes, Super8 movies and slides all at once. I didn't know how to get all this done, and now I feel much better having all these irreplaceable memories on DVDs where they are safe for the long run. We're very happy with the results.

- Felicia Davis from Greenwood

03/10/2015 Video to DVD

Thanks for the great job you did on our precious family videos. We did not know how we were going to get copies off of old media. You helped us share some fun memories!!!

- Polly Bailer from Greenwood

12/26/2014 Home Movie Transfer

The folks at Home Video Studio were a pleasure to work with. They provided technical help and kept their promise on when the product would be ready for pick-up. I intend to keep our relationship active when I need their assistance and service. John L., Greenwood

- John Ladd from Greenwood

11/24/2014 Photo Videos

Home Video Studio Greenwood did a wonderful job on my wife's birthday party video. They converted normal pictures into a video and added my music to make it even more special.They told me it would take 4 weeks, but they got in done in 2 weeks.

- Demont Franklin from Greenwood

11/03/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I recently had some home videos transferred to DVD. Home video studio did an excellent job. My DVD's were great quality and the transfer was done in a timely manner. The price is affordable and the studio is on a convenient location. I will definitly use Home Video Studio for my next project.

- Mickey from Greenwood

10/01/2014 Video Services

Hi Bruce and Casey, Thank you for the great job you did on duplicating my VHS to DVDs and cassettes to CDs. As you recall, I had a VHS with family videos, originally transferred about 35 years ago from 8 mm film. The 8 mm films were taken during 1950s – 1970s. I was concerned that the VHS was too old and fragile to be converted to DVD. You did it ---- and it looks great. I am so glad that I had it done --- I shared copies of the DVDs with family. The cassettes were recorded in 1981 of my Son playing piano --- one cassette was his piano playing and the second one was of my Son accompanying a professional singer, recording popular songs of the 70s. I was surprised of the quality of the sound, especially since the original recordings were done on a small, inexpensive cassette tape recording device. I copied the CDs onto my tablet and can listen to it anytime. Additionally, I plan to surprise my Son at his 50th birthday party, with his 30+ year old recordings. Thanks again for the professional jobs you did on my projects. It was much easier (for me) than I expected. Your friendless, knowledge and professionalism is much appreciated and I will certainly use Home Video again and recommend it to my friends. Tom Phillips Greenwood, IN

- Tom Phillips from Greenwood

09/06/2014 Photo Videos

I have truly enjoyed the wonderful DVDs from Home Video Studio in Greenwood. Great people to work with.

- Don Cross from Greenwood

11/23/2013 Duplications

Thanks to Ian at Home Video Studio, my daughter, who lives in Savannah, received her DVD just in time for her birthday. The 37 year old 8mm film home movies brought back some wonderful memories for all of us.

- Mint Evans from Indianapolis

07/04/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Oh my goodness! This video is wonderful! I am only 1/2 way through and impressed already. I am definitely going to need more copies! You definitely have much more business coming from me. Thanks so much!

- Marianne from Greenwood

06/25/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Recently I gave Darrell over 100 VHS & Hi-8 tapes to be transferred onto DVD's. He did a great job! I felt the quality was excellent & his pricing was very reasonable. Over the last several days, my family has been watching the DVD's together & re-living a lot of wonderful memories. Thank you Darrell!

- Brian Chatham from Greenwood

05/16/2013 Photo Videos

Recently I contacted Darrell to have a dvd made for my upcoming 50th high school reunion. It was a huge project with over 300 pictures and background music. Since this was for the BIG 50th I wanted it to be perfect. Darrell went "OVER AND ABOVE" in assisting and going that extra mile to make this absolutely perfect. He was there at every turn with input and suggestions. You couldn't find anyone any easier to work with and any more accomodating to your wishes.

- Karen Nelson from Greenwood

02/25/2013 Home Movie Transfer

My family had accumulated over 3700 feet of 8mm reel film from the early 60's to early 80's....most of which had not been viewed by anyone, especially the middle and younger generations of my family. After locating Darrell Day, appreciating his respect for family treasures, i decided to turn the film over to him for transferring to DVDs. Let me just say, we were amazed with the quality, clarity and color of the video. There was not a dry eye in the house......we are so blessed to have found Home video Studio and Darrell in particular! thank you so much!!

- Melinda Thompson from Greenwood

10/11/2012 Home Movie Transfer

the work they have done is awesome my family is totally amazed at the quality and Darrell is a vey great person to deal with and the music score fits the video perfectly i would be willing to refer him to any one wanting Film transfer s done because the work is excellent a pleasure to work with Thanks Carl F.

- Carl Fassnacht from Brownsburg

04/06/2012 Photo Videos

Darrell was so kind and caring when helping my family put together a memorial DVD. We brought him 130 photos plus 2 articles which he put together in a day and a half. Some of the photos needed fixing since they were old and we selected 6 songs to be played. He made it all work and we couldn't have been more pleased. Thanks Darrell for the wonderful service and compassion!!

- Amber Pfotenhauer from Greenwood

01/19/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I have had the pleasure of having Mr. Day work his magic on 55 rolls of 8 mm and super 8 mm film, in order to capture some history of our young families growing years. The results was amazing, just as Mr. Day said it would be The experience was wonderful, Darrell is a professional and his work is impeccable, thorough and done when requested. I have not been more impressed with someone in a customer service business in a very long time. If you have any video projects, Darrell Day is the man to see. I just took my second project to him (some VHS Tapes) and I am confident that the same expertise will be forthcoming. ED Ammon

- Ed Ammon from Indianapolis

10/20/2011 Photo Videos

Darrell Day is awesome! He did a picture video with over 300 pictures & 11 songs for my grandmothers memorial in only 5 days. Price was more than wonderful! I plan on getting together some of my VHS's to have them transferred to DVD. I wouldn't dream of taking them anywhere else. Darrell is dependable & his workmanship is impeccable : )

- Lisa Fields-Philpott from Indianapolis

10/10/2011 Video Services

Darrell is a professional and fun guy to work with! He took some old VHS tapes and transferred them to DVD's for our ministry at Mount Pleasant Christian Church. He completed our order quickly and efficiently and with great results! We are happy with our DVD's and will think of Darrell first the next time we are in need of special video services! He is friendly and easy to work with and I highly recommend him!

- Lynn Albin from Greenwood

06/27/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I recently went to Darrell at H.V.S. to see if he could transfer an old reel of film to a DVD. This reel of film contained some of my fathers cherished childhood memories dating back over fifty-five years. Within a few days, Darrell was able to transfer the film over just in time for Fathers Day. When I surprised my father with the home video he almost immediately broke into tears. Memories of his parents and their times together overcame him. Darrell's work was unbelievable. The picture quality was fantastic, the transitions were smooth, and the music theme that was accompanied with the film was perfect (which apparently he composed himself?!). Darrell I can't say enough about how impressed I am with your work and how fortunate I was to have you save a piece of my family history. Thank you so much!

- Patrick from INDIANAPOLIS

05/28/2011 Video Services



Home Video Studio

DVDs have been the state-of-the-art for more than ten years in the video and home movie transfer industry. In fact, Home Video Studio still transfers video to DVDs for our customers who request that service.

But there's a new kid in town - The DVA - the Home Video Studio - Video in the Cloud. DVA is the latest technology and it is fast becoming the media of choice. These days we most often transfer everyone's old VHS, BetaMAX, 8mm and Mini DV tapes to DVAs rather than DVDs.

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